Saturday, 17 May 2014

Skincare especially for gym-goers - Pretty Athletic

Pretty Athletic is the first skincare brand designed for female fitness enthusiasts. With products that help to reduce redness and rehydrate, the range leaves your post-workout skin looking and feeling fabulous!

Pretty Athletic was created by a lawyer who found herself returning to her office after a morning workout looking hot and sweaty. Her usual skincare products didn't do the trick and she noticed there was very little on the market in terms of specific sports skincare, aside from foot spray and muscle rub, to cool and sooth the skin after exercise.

Each product in the range has been designed to help restore the skin - whether your concern is hot, sweaty skin prone to redness or breakouts following gym sessions or dry, dehydrated skin after exercising outdoors and frequent showering. All of the Pretty Athletic products contain a blend of plant oils and botanical extracts and ingredients include aloe vera, for its soothing properties, rosehip oil, for nourishing benefits and witch hazel, to tighten the pores.

The range includes Cool Down Purifying Facial Cleanser (£16.50), Perfect Balance Calming Facial Moisturiser (£22.00), Hydrating Shield Intensive Moisture Balm (£20), Radiant Health Nourishing Body Moisturiser (£18) and Instant Refresh Exfoliating Shower Gel (£12.50).

I try to go to the gym around four times a week and often if I go straight from work I won't have time to remove my make-up before a workout and can suffer from breakouts after so it is important that I cleanse my skin thoroughly. Similarly if I go to the gym first thing on a Saturday morning then have to pop into town after my skin is usually very red and I can look a mess so these products will be perfect for restoring my skin. Each product is packaged in squeezy tubes so they are easy to carry around in my gym bag. I have been using the facial cleanser and body moisturiser.

The thing I love most about Pretty Athletic is, unlike other fitness ranges, it doesn't claim to assist with weight loss or promise you a flatter tummy, just to get your skin looking its best after workouts!

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