Friday, 26 September 2014

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan lotion review

I am an avid fake tan user but am very lazy in terms of after-care and maintenance so the longer I can leave my tan without having to reapply it the better! Vita Liberata's latest luxury self tan claims to last up to four times longer than others - so I couldn't wait to try it!

The great thing about this fake tan is that it is completely odourless, is very moisturising and is light to apply. It is a tinted golden colour so you get an instant tan and it dries quickly so you can get dressed immediately after application.

I tried it out and found it lasted about seven days before it started to fade. The packaging does state that you will have to reapply it once a week in order for the tan to last longer and if you reapply twice it will last around three weeks. Although I was disappointed it didn't last as long as expected I was impressed that it did fade really evenly and I didn't get any dry patches.

This fake tan does come with a pretty hefty price tag (a 150ml costs around £37.50) so if you don't mind splurging on your products I'd recommend trying it for yourself. I wouldn't say it is my favourite and I have had better results with some other fake tan brands. It isn't as long-lasting as I'd hoped but still provides a lovely natural colour and doesn't dry my skin out.

Have you tried Vita Liberata fake tans before? What are your favourite tanning brands?

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  1. I previously tried the Vita Liberata mousse and I absolutely loved the colour it gave me as majority of other tans give me a hint of dorito! The price tag makes me a little ore hesitant to replace it so frequently like I do with other tans, but I'm definitely going to have to give this one a go!


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