Sunday, 16 November 2014

Products I'm Loving this week

Montana Tan 1 Hour Tanning Mousse - Just when you thought you'd tried every fake tan going, another one comes along! I'm not usually a fan of mousse formulas for fake tan as they can dry my skin out but this is super silky and moisturising. It has a natural light brown colour, perfect for people wanting a lighter tan in Winter.

GHD Total Volume Foam - I was lucky enough to get this in a goodie bag at a Bloggers Love event in September. My hair is very flat and boring but this adds extra life into it and isn't sticky at all.

L'Oreal Wild Stylers Next Day Hair - I love using this spray the day after curling my hair when I want to refresh my style.It adds a tousled, dishevelled effect without weighing the hair down.

Dermaoil - For anyone that has tried Bio Oil this is very similar. It is a specialist skincare product for anti-ageing, scars and stretch marks. I use it on my stomach and thighs and when my skin gets especially dry in the Winter I add a few drops to my bath for added moisture!

Bouffe Volumising & Texturizing spray - I actually thought this was dry shampoo when I first used it as it is labelled as a 'dry spray'. I flicked my head upside down and sprayed it into my fringe and had a major 'There's Something About Mary' moment as my hair had stuck up! ANYWAY! After actually reading the bottle I've now discovered it's actually a texturising spray. I spray a little through the mid sections of my hair after curling it to liven it up a bit.

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  1. Those hair products sound very interesting - I could definitely do with some more volume! x

    Kate Louise Blogs


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