Tuesday, 13 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Writing One Line A Day for the next five years...

As a teenager I always used to keep diary and it was hilarious to look back on them and reminisce on the struggles of having homework, school crushes, teachers being 'idiots' etc. and I have always thought about starting a diary again in my adult life but I don't know if I could ever find the time to sit down and write down all my ramblings from the day. Plus I think I would end up talking rubbish most of the time just to fill a page.

Then I came across a diary with a twist - One Line A Day: a five-year memory book. 

It is pretty much exactly what it says. A diary where you fill in one line (it's more like five lines but enough for one or two sentences) every day for a year, then again for the next five years. Each page is split into five sections so you can fill in the year at the top, then re-visit the same page on that date a year later.

I love the idea as you don't have to fill in much, just a straight forward record of your thoughts, and it will be so fun to re-visit them years later. For example, on January 1 I wrote down my New Year's resolutions (it'll be interesting to see how these change year on year).

I came across the diary in Urban Outfitters a while ago but I haven't seen it in there since so I had a scout around on the internet and ordered it at the end of December in time for it to arrive so I could start it at the beginning of January. I ordered mine from the Book Depository and it cost £8.39 with free delivery, which was amazing value as the diary retails for around £10-£15 on its own. It can also be purchased from Amazon.

I keep mine next to my bed so I remember to fill it in each night before I go to sleep. I love that the book is quite small so it is compact and easy to store! I've kept to it every day so far and am determined to keep up with it.

Admittedly, my life is pretty boring during the week (work every day followed by meetings or gym sessions) so rather than just recording an account of my day I also like to fill in personal things like inspiring or motivational quotes, my thoughts for the day, goals and targets I hope to achieve, etc.

Do you keep a diary? Would you enjoy trying out One Line A Day?


  1. What a fun idea!

  2. This looks like so much fun and I bet it would be really good to look back on in years to come! I might have to give it a go, maybe next year though. I don't think I can remember what has happened everyday for the last two weeks, haha.
    Sam xx

  3. What a clever idea! Honestly I see my blog as a diary of sort.

  4. i bought so many of these for christmas presents this year, they are such a good idea! xx


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