Thursday, 30 July 2015

SASS Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel

SASS Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel

This is probably the fanciest shave gel I have ever seen. I remember flicking through a magazine and seeing an advert for the SASS range and wondered what it was, only to do a double take when I saw it was a range of 'intimate' products.

The Soothe &Smooth Shave Gel is a crystal clear gel that helps to reduce ingrown hairs. It recommends using in the shower and waiting for a minute after applying before shaving but let's face it, we're all in a hurry these days so I just used it straight away. Although designed for the bikini area I also used a small amount on my legs and it made shaving a lot more comfortable.

SASS Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel

The packaging is by far the most elegant I have seen on shaving products! It has a slide out box with 'SASS' embossed on it, which you open to reveal the decorated purple squeezy tube. It looks far too good for me to stick in the shower.

The shave gel costs £10 for 100ml tube.

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