Sunday, 31 January 2016

#BloggersBelowZero London Icebar Event

Monday evenings for me are generally spent trying to get home from work as soon as possible then hibernating and doing little else until it's time to get up for work the next day! BUT last Monday I was very excited to be going along to a LDN Meet Up bloggers event at the Icebar!

I'd wanted to go to the Icebar for years so was very excited to be finally going along - and with some lovely bloggers! A while ago I wrote about my trip to Winter Wonderland organised by Lauren from Blonde Vision, and this was another event organised by her.

The Icebar is off of Regent Street in London, just a short way from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly tube stops, so I dashed over after work. On arrival we were each given a slip of paper describing a blogger we had to find (mine was to find a food blogger) so this was a great way of getting people talking. We all mingled in the downstairs bar and were treated to delicious drinks and cocktails as well as some lovely food (the waiters were so patient every time they brought food out and offered it to us and would have to wait while all of us photographed the food first!) I got chatting to a lovely group of girls I hadn't met before, Emma, Sian and Laura , as well as a few bloggers I recognised from previous events.

Next we were given a talk by Tom from the IceBar. He was so passionate about his job and had a genuine interest in all of our blogs too, it was great to hear from him! Molly, the editor of Phoenix Magazine, also spoke to us about her writing, giving a real boost to the blogging community!

Finally it was time for the main event! We headed into the ice bar in groups and were each given thick jackets, like ponchos, and gloves to wear before going inside!

If you don't know about ice bar, everything is completely made of ice (as the name suggests!) - even the glasses. The theme is changed every year and the current theme is 'Ice Bar Rocks', a rock and roll theme that meant there were giant ice sculptures of skulls and the bar was entirely studded with ice. Once inside we got to sip some more delicious cocktails out of our ice glasses. I then got chatting to the lovely Nadine. Soon enough I started to feel really cold and was grateful for the gloves!

It was then time to leave and we were kindly all given goodie bags with a copy of Phoenix magazine and some Icebar gloves with touch-screen fingers (so handy). Once outside we then all headed to Dirty Martini nearby to warm up with some drinks! The entire evening was so well organised by Lauren (as always!) and I had a wonderful time getting to know some new bloggers. Thank you Lauren, and to the Icebar for hosting us!


  1. The night totally rocked and the gloves have come in really handy for this weeks weather.

    Emma Inks

    1. They have! Always wear them on the commute now :) X


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