Sunday, 1 May 2016

Coconut Oil as a Cleanser?

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

A few weeks ago I was out shopping with a friend when I said I had to pop into Boots to get some face wash. Her response through me a bit - "I never wash any face any more" - WHAT?! "So how do you take your makeup off at night?" And her answer was?....Coconut Oil.

I know, it seemed crazy. Surely covering your face in oil is greasy, disgusting and causes it to break out in spots? Well apparently not. My friend told me that coconut oil was the only product she used on her face now -  both as a cleanser and a moisturiser - and that it was the best skincare move she had made.

Intrigued, I did a little Googling and it turns out that coconut oil can be used as a facial cleanser (as well as a whole load of other beauty products)!  It is a pure and effective way to remove makeup, dirt and impurities from your face by dissolving onto the skin. When used with a hot wash cloth, the steam helps to open pores and the natural coconut oil lifts and sweeps away the other oil that has hardened on the skin - while moisturising it at the same time.

Now, I've also been a fan of skincare routines and experimenting with all sorts of different masks, exfoliators and serums to keep my skin silky smooth but I have still suffered with dry skin and the occasional burst of breakouts. So it made sense to stop using products that were filled with all sorts of harsh chemicals and try out something completely natural instead. Fortunately, I already had a GIANT tub of coconut oil in the kitchen which I had bought from Costco and used for cooking for years - so I snuck it into the bathroom and tried it out on my skin. Now I am 100% converted to using coconut oil as a cleanser and have never looked back! Just scoop a little of the solid oil out the jar (you can use a teaspoon if it's too hard), warm it up between your hands to melt and rub onto your skin!

Not only is it effective as removing my makeup, it is extremely moisturising plus it is amazing value as a tub will last you years - meaning you don't have to regularly stock up on cleanser, cotton wool and moisturiser. It is now my staple beauty product and I use it as a body moisturiser, hair oil and lip balm. You can even use it as a shaving balm or tooth whitener (if you're brave enough to swish it round your mouth raw!)

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Not long after trying it out, the lovely people over at Vita Coco kindly sent me a tub of their own Coconut Oil as part of their Eat It, Wear It, Swear By It campaign - encouraging people to use coconut oil in a variety of different ways! You may know Vita Coco for their cartons of coconut water (I've been using them in my smoothies regularly!) but they also brought out their own brand of coconut oil after realising its many benefits. It is 100% raw, organic and cold pressed to keep all the goodness in!

It may seem a little mad but if you haven't tried it yet I would encourage anyone to stock up on a jar of coconut oil and discover its many uses!


  1. HUGE fan of coconut oil. I combine the oil with baking soda to make a blackhead-busting face mask, twice a week. Happy to have found your blog!

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