Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An evening of productivity with Powwownow and Alice Mackintosh

As a typical 20-something I find most of my days are spent trying to juggle my full-time job, writing my blog and having a social life while still managing to find the time to look after myself and eat healthily.

Which is why the conference calling service Powwownow, who promote flexible working and being productive in any surrounding, invited me along to an event with nutritionist Alice Mackintosh last month to find out all about the best brain-boosting foods to help provide extra energy and nutrients.

Alice, who is from The Food Doctor Clinic, talked us through some of her top recommendations on what to eat to improve memory and stay alert, focused and energised - something I definitely need when I spend the majority of my day in an office and am prone to getting that 4pm (*ahem* 11am) slump.

Some of Alice's top tips included:

  • Keep your energy balanced by eating three meals a day and never skip breakfast. Watch out for sugary breakfasts and opt for porridge / overnight oats, granola, salmon or eggs instead
  • In terms of carbs, choose wholegrain over white carbs wherever possible and ensure that carbs only take up a quarter of your plate. The rest should be protein and veggies!
  • Get your sugar balance right. Sugar spikes your blood sugar levels which can cause energy and concentration to dip.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Squash and flavoured waters don't count! Coffee can stimulate the mind but will heavily impact blood sugar so replace with matcha or green tea.
After Alice's talk we then tucked into some delicious food and had a chance to mingle with fellow bloggers. I met the lovely Sarah, Monica and Tanya and had a great time chatting away to them! We were then very kindly given goodie bags full of treats to help us boost our productivity levels - I had a notebook for all my planning and organisation, some little chocolatey nibbles, a great book by Grace Marshall called 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time and a sample of  Equi Fundamental, a powder supplement for energy and wellbeing. It contains green tea as well hormone balancing and energising superfoods. I can't wait to add it to my morning smoothies!

Thank you Powwownow for a great night and to Alice for sharing your tips! You can read more of her tips here.


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