Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Fullest Coverage Foundation You Will Ever Use!

Until I had my makeup done at the Rodial counter in Harvey Nichols earlier this summer, I had never tried anything from their makeup range. Rodial is best known for its skincare collections, however, I was soon converted and fell in love with practically everything on the makeup counter! One product in particular I was drawn to was the AirBrush Make-Up Foundation.

I always thought MAC Studio Sculpt was the fullest coverage foundation I'd used (although I was never a fan of the strange chemical / wallpaper paste smell...)  until I'd discovered this little gem from Rodial!

The first thing to talk about is the texture. It is more of a paste than a liquid, like a very heavy-duty camouflage. While this might be thick for some people you only need the tiniest amount - and I mean tiny, I only lightly dip the corner of my foundation brush into the very top of the pot - to cover your whole face.

This is my go-to foundation when I need a full coverage and it provides flawless, photo ready skin. Despite being a thick product it actually feels lightweight on the skin and isn't cakey or mask-like at all, it provides a radiant finish.

There are four shades available and the foundation costs £35. 

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  1. Wow, this stuff sounds great! I've never tried anything from Rodial before, but I hear tons of great things about them!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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