Monday, 6 March 2017

Rimmel Brow This Way Ultra Soft Powder #BrowLikeCara

Rimmel Brow This Way Ultra Soft Powder

Rimmel Brow This Way Ultra Soft Powder

Rimmel Brow This Way Ultra Soft Powder

Gone are the days where you could slick a bit of clear mascara through your brows and hope for the best. They now need to be smoothed, plucked and filled in to perfection. Rimmel's latest collection, using the dedicated hashtag #BrowLikeCara is dedicated to brows and jam packed full of products so there is something for everyone.

One of the new launches is the Brow This Way 3 in 1 Ultra Soft Powders. There are four shades available and they retail at £5.99 each. It comes in a pot with a built in wand, similar to an eyeliner, and is filled with a loose powder. Just shake the pot to ensure it covers the soft sponge-like wand and use it to fill, define and line your brows. 

The powder is super pigmented and creates a dramatic and defined effect. In all honesty they're a little too pigmented for me (I'm pretty lazy with my brows) but for anyone that likes super strong brows I'd recommend trying them out. The only other issue I found is that some of the powder does drop off the sponge when I apply it, so you need to be careful when you use it or dab some off the excess off before applying.

Although this wasn't ideal for me for my eyebrows (however I've started using Rimmel's brow mascara instead and much prefer it!) I do use the powders as eyeliner and they work just as well.

The shades range from light brown to medium brown, dark brown and soft black. Again, as they are so pigmented I'd recommend going for a lighter shade or one as close to your hair colour as possible.

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