Sunday, 28 May 2017

Skinny Tan Express Mousse

When it comes to fake tan, I like a product that can do the job fast. No one has time for lengthy application processes or hanging around for the tan to dry, and no one especially wants stained bed sheets if they're tanning overnight.

Skinny Tan is a tanning brand that is said to combine tanner with skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. For me, that isn't the main selling point of fake tan as I find that having a tan helps to body to appear a little slimmer anyway - but for some it may be a plus. Although I'd seen the brand a lot online and heard about it, I had never actually tried it. A while back I was invited to the launch of Skinny Tan's Express Mousse. Sadly I couldn't make it along but their PR kindly still sent me a bottle to try.

About the product: Skinny Tan Express Mousse is an instant bronzer that develops in one hour. Either wash it off within an hour or leave it longer to develop a darker colour.

My thoughts: This tan was incredibly easily to apply and felt very silky. Despite being a mousse it spread out evenly and didn't dry my skin out at all.

Did it work?: My main issue with fake tan is that the initial colour before washing it off can be extremely dark or a little orange, but I was so impressed with this colour as it looked very natural. Within an hour I had a light brown tan. A lot of product did wash off in the shower but I was left with a natural glow. I tried it again on another occasion and left it develop overnight and the tan was lovely and golden.

*Post contains PR Samples

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Trying Out Phil Smith Hair

I very rarely stick with one haircare brand. I find that my hair gets too used to products after a while and some shampoos and conditioners aren't as effective as they first were. As soon as I run out of shampoo and conditioner I usually switch it up and buy another brand rather than repurchasing.

Recently I was contacted by Phil Smith to see if I'd like to try any of their products.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Fun fitness events to try this summer

Something about the sunshine always makes me more motivated to exercise and I'm already getting guilty of panic using the gym in the knowledge my summer holiday is just around the corner. Luckily the good weather also wants me to take my workouts outside - and there are lots of fun events on in London throughout the UK if you want to try some fun exercise this summer...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Beauty Blender All About Face Collection

Beauty Blender All About Face Collection

When beautyblenders first came on the market I found myself wondering how they were different to a normal foundation sponge and what made them so special to justify them costing so much more (£16 for the original). A few months later I saw an offer on Groupon for a discount on the original beautyblender and decided to give it a go - let's just say any doubts I had were gone and I was 100% converted!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sunkissed Tanning Range

Last month Sunkissed relaunched their tanning range with some new packaging and exciting new products. I was kindly invited along to the launch event to celebrate the refresh, which took place in a rooftop in Covent Garden. Take a look at some of the new launches below...
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