Friday, 28 July 2017

Why I'm Swapping Facial Moisturiser for SPF

If I was to speak to you about sun care three years ago I would openly admit I was one of those girls who would lie out in the sun all day without any SPF on their face in the hopes of getting a tan. Who am I kidding? Here I am at the age of 25, still pale as ever, accepting the fact my pasty skin doesn't tan at all, and instead welcoming some lovely wrinkles to my forehead and eyes.

Now, I'm not saying these first signs of wrinkles are purely down to sun exposure but also a number of factors including an unhealthy diet, not getting enough sleep and pollution (the joys of living in London). All of us reach for the SPF when the sun makes an appearance but our faces need looking after all year round and we are still at risk of damaging our skin on even the cloudiest of days.

So in my quest to hold on to my youth (we can hope) I am doing my best to protect my skin by applying eye cream each day, I'm currently loving Kiehl's, and swapping my regular face moisturiser for SPF as a base underneath makeup.

Some of the products I've been loving recently include Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF 50, this is particularly great if you're using it as an everyday SPF rather than one specifically for holidays / on the beach as it is ultra lightweight and is more of a mineral sunscreen. It is also protects from the main causes of environmental damage (pollution, UVA, UVB, blue light from devices, infrared) to prevent skin ageing. Perfect for city goers! Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid is very similar and it's handy small bottle size means it's perfect for taking on the go. This actually feels more like a moisturiser than an SPF and is invisible on the skin. Plus it's oil free so doesn't clog pores.

I'm also loving Frezyderm Color Velvelt Sun Screen as this is a tinted sun screen, meaning it can double up as your foundation. I was surprised at how velvety the texture of this is and was a little concerned that the 'One shade suits all' shade wouldn't suit me but it seemed to adapt to my skin tone and cover up imperfections perfectly.

Korres is always a favourite brand of mine and I rely on them for natural skincare products that are packed full of skin-loving, protective ingredients. Their Red Grape suncare range is relatively new and is an anti-ageing range so their face SPF can be used for daily facial care while providing antispot action. Sensai Silky Bronze Protective Cream for Face feels like a treat on the skin as it is so silky and creamy. Again this tackles skin ageing so it is a big thumbs up from me.

For quick and easy hydration and protection on the go I love La Roche Posay's facial mist. Once I've applied my SPF in the morning I keep this with me to top up skin protection throughout the day and refresh my skin - perfect for hot and sticky days.

Do you use an SPF in your daily routine or is it just for holidays? What are your favourite facial SPFs?

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  1. I have recently started doing this also! I am naturally very pale and have neglected my poor skin over the years in an attempt to 'tan'. I recently got VERY sunburnt on my forehead at Glastonbury (it caused my whole face to swell!) and I've started to notice some deep-set wrinkles :( I'm only 25!


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