Thursday, 16 November 2017

Benefit Brow Collection

Any beauty fan, or anyone who has stepped into a department store in the last year, will know that Benefit had a complete over haul of their brow collection last year.

For me Benefit is a makeup brand that is loved by people of all ages and their products are always lusted over because of their quirky packaging, cheeky brand messaging and unique formulations. From cult classic products like Benetint lip & cheek tint to Highbeam highlighter, and Hoola bronzer, there is something for everyone.

There is now a whopping 36 products in Benefit’s brow range that are suitable for all skin tones and can solve any dilemma possible – even ones you probably didn’t even know you had!

Even though brows are by far one of the biggest beauty trends of the moment I’ll admit I’m guilty of not giving my eyebrows the TLC they need and they are often ignored in my makeup routine. To be honest I was a little surprised by the sheer volume of brow products Benefit launched and wasn’t exactly sure why so many were needed at first. That was, until I tried them for myself!

I recently tried a few products for myself from Debenhams and happily ate my words afterwards as I was so surprised and impressed by the results.

The products I tried were:

Foolbroof Brow Powder – This is one of Benefit’s latest launches and is a very exciting product. It is a two-toned brow powder that comes in a handy palette with a mirror, application sponge and spoolie making it quick and easy to create natural looking brows. You use the blending sponge to sweep the lighter shade from the start of your brows to the arch, then the darker shade from the arch to the end of the brows. Then just use the spoolie to brush your brows through and blend the colour. It takes a matter of seconds! (£20)

3D Browtones – Did you ever know you needed a highlighter for your eyebrows?! After applying your brow colour it can end up looking a little flat, but this brush-on highlighting gel brings your brows to life and enhances colour with subtle highlights and a soft glowy contrast. For a night out or evening event this is the perfect finish. (£20)

Precisely, My Brow Pencil – For anyone that likes simple eyebrows without a lot of maintenance this is the product for you. It is a dual ended ultra-fine pencil that allows you to draw in natural looking hair-like strokes that last for 12 hours. Amazingly it comes in six different shades so you can match it to your eyebrows perfectly. Super minimal effort with a natural result! (£20)

KA Brow –I have seen this across Instagram and in a lot of my friend’s makeup bags so it has become a much loved item over the last year! It is a cream-gel brow colour in a little screw-top pot with a removable brush built into the lid. It is so convenient as you don’t need any extra tools and the gel fills, sculpts and defines brows in one easy sweep. I’d say this is more suitable for those that like bolder brows. (£20)

Each of Benefit’s brow products have different uses and are unique in their own special way. I never knew how much I needed to try them until now and was amazed at how much each product transformed my eyebrows. I have blonde eyebrows so often worry that brow products can be overpowering or too dark, however, Benefit has a great shade scale and the colours are really blendable so it is easy to get them to match up to my own eyebrow colour (I usually opt for Shade 2!)

I’m amazed by Benefit’s brow products and can’t wait to try out more from the range! Which are your favourites?

*Post contains PR Samples

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