Monday, 9 April 2018

Finding Confidence & Positivty

In a world full of social media when it's so easy to compare yourself to others, confidence can be at all-time low. As someone who has been blogging for around 5-6 years now I don't particularly feel like I've "made it" in blogging and when I see other bloggers escalating at such a high level. I often feel lost in the giant world that is the blogosphere.

Having said that, I'd say I'm always a fairly positive person and this in turn helps to keep my confidence and morale up. Body positivty is something that is particularly important to me as I hate nothing more than hearing people put down their bodies and talk about the things they dislike about themselves. While there are plenty of things I would change about my body it is way more important to focus on the things you love.

Here are a few things I have found that boost positivty...

Surround yourself with the right people - Over the last couple of years I have found that it is the people around me that make me feel confident by boosting morale and giving compliments. If the people around you are making you feel terrible you need to ask yourself why and take a step back. 

Make time for you - Working full time can be draining and after a terrible day the worst thing you want to do is go home in a bad mood. Taking a small amount of time to go to the gym in the evening always improves my mood. So whether it's finding a yoga or a fitness class, going for a walk, doing a spot of shopping or just reading a book before bed make sure you unwind and spend some time with yourself!

Buy some new underwear - This may sound like a vain one but treating myself to a new set of underwear and wearing a matching set, instead of my Primark pants that are falling apart, makes my confidence soar by about x10000. Sure no one has to see it but you'll feel amazing! I love Dorina lingerie at the moment for delicate sets and lacy bralettes (as you can see above) and Knixwear also does ultra comfy and supportive bras without underwires (hallelujah!). To see Knixwear's range, click here.

Pamper nights - When it comes to body confidence it usually takes a lot of prepping and pampering to make me feel good but it's so worth it in the end. I love nothing more than running myself a bath, doing a full body scrub, lathering on some body butter afterwards and the next day putting on a layer of fake tan. Again it may sound like a silly one, but having very pale skin I find that a pop of fake tan does wonders for my confidence and makes my body look and feel a whole lot better.

*Post in collaboration with Knixwear

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