Monday, 29 October 2018

Money Saving Tips

Christmas is coming and the purse strings are tightening! If, like me, you've been following the 'treat yourself' mantra for a little too long and need to start putting some money away for the future, here are some of my quick and easy money-saving tips that can make a big difference to your everyday life!...

Cashback websites - If you shop online regularly you may never think to visit a cashback website before clicking through to a retailer, but this little step can make a big difference! Sites such as Quidco and Topcashback will give you a percentage of your spend back - without any catch! Often it can only be a small percentage but it all adds up. It's especially handy if you're booking flights or a holiday as you can earn cashback from sites such as Expedia, British Airways and Emirates. The cashback site Boom25 also gives every 25th shopper the whole amount of their shopping back. It may be a gamble but if you're going to spend the money anyway then why not give it a go?!

Pick up ALL the loyalty cards - My friends will often make fun of me for the amount of loyalty cards bursting out of my purse but when they're completely free why wouldn't you use one? Most shops offer loyalty cards now and the ones I use most are Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams Beauty Club, and of course supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury's. Boots points add up so quickly so you can use them towards treating yourself to something big or just towards stocking up on the essentials. Superdrug also sometimes does special events for reward card holders where you can either win 50% off all your shopping or win your entire basket for free.

Plan your meals and make your lunches - We've all heard the phrase "Where did all my money go? I'm either eating it or I'm wearing it" and this is SO true for me. I absolutely love food and love eating out but unfortunately this is where the majority of my money goes. One of the best ways to save money (and feel super organised at the same time) is to plan your meals for the week in advance, write yourself a shopping list, do a big weekly shop at the weekend, and then do your meal prep and make your lunches for work for the following week. Although my nearest big supermarket is Sainsbury's I've started travelling a little further to Lidl as this is so much cheaper and just as good quality. If you have an Aldi or Lidl near you I'd recommend doing your food shopping there! In terms of food prep this doesn't have to be boring at all, I watch a lot of Carly Rowena's videos for inspiration and a lot of food / fitness bloggers have videos with recipe ideas. I'll either make a batch of chilli for the week or mix my meats and different veggies.

Quick fixes - When things start to get REALLY desperate at the end of the month I'll usually find myself with a bag of new clothes in my room still with the tag on that I haven't worn yet and will think 'Do I actually need these?'. If you're guilty of buying way more clothes than you need to then, as hard as it may be, it may be time to take those new clothes back to the store! All stores will give you 28 days to return clothes and online retailers give quick and easy hassle-free returns. At the start of the month I decided to do a nice Autumn/Winter haul with new jumpers and cardigans from H&M but when they all arrived I realised I didn't actually love them that much and I had plenty of jumpers as it is. Being ruthless and making that decision has saved me £150! If you need a quick fix there are also solutions for emergency situations. Have you considered loans for bad credit? There are short-term loan lenders available from reputable providers such as Cashlady. While I haven't used one myself, a trusted company will make sure customers know all the facts and information before committing.

Cut back on the beauty products - This is probably one of the hardest ones for me to recommend as every time I go into the shops I love to browse the beauty aisles and pick up a new product when, truthfully, I don't need them. At the moment I'm trying to use up all my beauty stash before buying anything new, which is a great way to save money while also cutting back on clutter and saving space. I've also learnt to save money by using multi-tasking products or even making my own beauty products; a tub of coconut oil is really affordable and can be used for pretty much anything from a makeup remover to cleanser, moisturiser, and hair mask. Similarly, instead of buying a body scrub I will make my own using sugar and olive oil from the kitchen - which is super quick and affordable!

*Post in collaboration with Cash Lady

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