Saturday, 1 June 2019

Accessories to help my fitness motivation

Aside from beauty I often post about fitness on here as it's something I'm interested in and enjoy. Admittedly over the last couple of years I got a little lazy but in the last few months I've really tried to get back into fitness and have been enjoying it. I don't think fitness necessarily needs to be expensive (I wrote about the cost of keeping fit here), however, I think there are a few things I have bought and used recently to support me on my fitness journey.

Here are a few accessories to help me stay motivated...

The running backpack:
If you don’t have time to factor in a gym session or class into your day one of the simplest ways to sneak in a bit of exercise here and there is simply to get moving. One of the easiest swaps I made was instead of my 40 minute bus ride to work each day I could walk (50 mins) or run (30 mins). Walking was initially uncomfortable with my shoulder bag but having upgraded to a proper backpack I am not only more comfortable but have my hands free which has made such a difference too!

Osprey has created a range of backpacks especially for women to fit our bodies better – narrower shoulder widths, ergonomically shaped harness on the side for our curves, and a shorter torso length – and kindly sent me a pack to try out.

Tempest is a hiking backpack but I love it for running as it clings to your body and doesn’t budge at all.Since getting the Tempest backpack I use it for everything and found it’s made me more motivated to walk and run places as I can fit so much into it and go.

If you have daily meetings walk or run to them instead of taking public transport, if you’re meeting a friend for brunch – run there!

The beauty products:
While I don't think you need specific products for working out I do find I sweat so much more when I'm using the gym daily, my hair needs washing more regularly, and my skin can dry out too so I need to keep it hydrated. I've also found that firming and toning creams are great at complementing workouts as they help to firm your skin.

e’lifexir Natural Beauty is a vegan skincare range that targets specific areas of the body

There are seven creams to choose from: leg cream, body contouring cream, breast toning, buttocks sculpting, anti-cellulite, flat tummy, and anti-stretch marks, and they're all £15.99 from Sainsbury's and Holland & Barrett.

After a workout I love the body contouring cream for all over use!

The time of the month support:
Being on your period should never get in the way of wanting to do exercise, but there's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when working out. I'm in love with these WUKA (Wake Up Kick Ass) Period Pants that I was recently kindly gifted. They are a replacement for sanitary towels / tampons and absorb up to four tampons-worth of blood (20ml). They are ideal for wearing for workouts or overnight. They are super soft and comfortable.

Yoni is also a new organic cotton femcare company that recently launched in the UK. Its CEO, Mansvelt Beck, founded the company after going through a cervical cancer scare and a specialist advised her to use cotton sanitary products.

The fitness tracker:
I wrote a blog post a few years back on whether you should invest in a Fitbit and was using the Charge at the time. Recently I decided to treat myself to the latest version of Fitbit, Versa, as I wanted one that I could wear while swimming too. This is by far the best thing I have purchased to keep me motivated - it buzzes each hour to remind to get moving and shows me how many more steps I need to do that hour. It tracks running, swimming, treadmill workouts, general workouts, and weight lifting, and also monitors my sleep and heart rate. 

I love this as I wear it all the time as a watch and it's super stylish, you can buy different colour straps and edit the clock face on it too.

You can order them directly through Fitbit's website or I often find deals on Argos and Groupon too.

The protein snacks:
When I'm exercising I find my appetite triples and I end up eating so much more - and constantly reaching for snacks!! One of the biggest struggled I find is getting healthy snacks that still taste good, - but I came across The Protein Ball Co at an event last year and ended up purchasing a load for myself as they are DELICIOUS! They are all-natural protein balls that are high in fibre. I bought the Hazelnut & Cacao breakfast balls, which I eat on my way in to work, and the Lemon & Pistachio balls - which taste like lemon drizzle cake and I eat as an afternoon snack!

*Post contains PR Samples


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